Site-Specific Biomass Guide

Every activated sludge based treatment plant is different; therefore interpreting the results of your biomass analysis can be difficult. What is normal for your treatment plant might be quite different from what is considered normal at other treatment plants. Working with you, we can put together a site-specific biomass interpretation guide for your treatment plant. This guide would cover:

  • Different types of organisms found in biomass; what they look like, and what they typically indicate
  • What is “normal” for your treatment plant
  • What changes in biomass at your treatment plant indicate
  • A troubleshooting guide which runs through potential process improvement options that may be appropriate given changes you may see in your biomass

The cost of our site-specific biomass interpretation guide, appropriately enough, is site-specific. It will be influenced by the configuration of your treatment plant, which will dictate how many different biomass samples will need to be analysed for us to get a good understanding of your biomass. If this service is of interest to you, get in touch and we can put a proposal together for you.