Hugh Ratsey

Hugh Ratsey Jul-20.JPGBSc (Hons), MSc, MIPENZ, CPEng

Hugh is a Wastewater Process Scientist and Chartered Professional Engineer with more than 20 years post-graduate experience in the operation, troubleshooting, management and design of WwTPs.

Hugh has held a variety of roles in the industry, giving well-rounded experience. Hugh is passionate about optimising and troubleshooting existing WwTPs to improve performance and reduce risk.

Hugh also holds a NZQA Level 5 Certificate in Adult Education and Training, and is an experienced trainer. He has prepared and delivered a range of site-specific wastewater treatment training courses as well as formal training courses. 

In 2017, Hugh was awarded the Ronald Hicks Memorial Award at the WaterNZ Conference for his paper "Upgrading Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Reviewing the Options", presented at the 2016 WaterNZ Conference.