Wastewater Optimisation

While wastewater treatment processes can produce a very good effluent quality, this does not happen by chance. When processes go wrong, they can fail spectacularly. Therefore it is critical that processes are understood, closely monitored, and proactively managed to protect downstream processes, the environment, and resource consent compliance.


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Activated Sludge Microbiology

Microorganisms are key to the performance of secondary treatment processes such as activated sludge (AS). All AS processes contain a mix of bacteria, protozoa and other higher life forms such as rotifers and nematodes. Together, these microorganisms are known as “biomass”. For an AS process to operate effectively, the appropriate environment must be provided to ensure that the correct microorganisms thrive so flocs of biomass form that will settle out in the clarification or separation stage of the AS process. Important environmental conditions include dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration, pH, adequate nutrients, in particular nitrogen and phosphorous, raw wastewater characteristics, and sludge age. 


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Wastewater Training

With our extensive wastewater treatment and training experience, The Wastewater Specialists are ideally placed to provide wastewater treatment training services. 

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Microbiology Supplies

We can provide you with all of the equipment and training you need to be able to undertake activated sludge biomass analysis on your own site, and interpret the results.

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