Log a Sample

If you would like to submit a sample of trade waste or other wastewater for toxicity testing, please complete the form below and courier your sample(s) to us at:

The Wastewater Specialists
Landcare Research Building
Gate 10, Silverdale Road
University of Waikato
Hamilton 3216

Important: We require 200 mL of each trade waste or other wastewater to be tested for toxicity. Each sample must be fresh, and clearly labelled.

Cost of our toxicity testing service:

Nitrification inhibition – screening (up to 5 samples)

  • $1,500 for first set of 5 samples - $1,000 for subsequent set(s) of 5 samples (if submitted with the first set of 5 samples)

Nitrification inhibition – detailed (single sample)

  • $950 for first sample - $650 for subsequent sample(s) (if submitted with the first sample)

Note: If an initial screening indicates trade waste(s) of concern, we will contact you for approval before undertaking a subsequent detailed test on this wastewater.