Activated Sludge Microbiology Training

Once you have a microscope and accessories set up in your laboratory at your treatment plant, you will likely need some training to help you analyse your biomass and interpret the results. We can come to your site and provide 1-on-1 (or 1-on-more) training for your Operators. We can tailor this training to suit your needs and current experience, including topics such as:

  • Basic use of a microscope
  • Taking digital photos, providing your microscope has a digital camera and analysing software
  • Identification of the key higher life forms present in activated sludge, including:
    • Flagellated protozoa¬†
    • Swimming ciliated protozoa (swimming ciliates)
    • Crawling ciliated protozoa (crawling ciliates)
    • Stalked ciliated protozoa (stalked ciliates)
    • Rotifers
    • Tardigrades
    • Nematodes
    • Amoeba (testate and non-testate)
    • Gastrotrichs
  • Undertaking Gram stains, and interpreting the results¬†
  • Undertaking Neisser stains, and interpreting the results
  • Identifying filamentous bacteria
  • Recording the results of your biomass analysis
  • Interpreting the results from your biomass analysis

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