Microbiological Analysis

We can provide a rapid analysis and reporting on your activated sludge (AS) biomass. This analysis includes:

  • Floc size and structure.
  • General identification and counting of higher life forms such as ciliated protozoa, rotifers, nematodes and other higher life forms.
  • Identification of the many different filamentous bacteria commonly found in activated sludge plants (e.g. Sphaerotilus natans, Type 021N, Nocardiaforms, etc).
  • Assessment of the abundance of the different types of filamentous bacteria on a scale of 0 – 6.
  • Interpretation of the results with respect to the health of your AS process. Our comprehensive report will be tailored to your wastewater treatment plant to help you identify what process changes may be appropriate given the health of your biomass. 
  • A 1-on-1 telephone discussion with one of our experienced team to answer any questions which may arise from the report.

12 x100 stalked colony & rotifer.jpg