Log a Sample

Our biomass analysis costs $330 + GST.

If you would like to submit a sample for analysis, please complete the form below and courier your sample to us at:

The Wastewater Specialists
Landcare Research Building
Gate 10, Silverdale Road
University of Waikato
Hamilton 3216

ImportantYou should send your biomass sample in a small, unpreserved sample jar, filled approximately 1/3 with sample. The air in the top of the sample jar will help maintain aerobic conditions. The sample jar must be clearly marked with the name of your wastewater treatment plant and the date the sample was collected. The lid should be screwed on tight, and the sample jar placed inside a sealed ziplock bag inside an addressed, sealed courier bag.

Please note, if you send your sample in a chilly bin, we will not be able to return this to you due to the volume of samples we handle.